RGS-CardMaster 6.3.3

Complete contacts agenda and phonebook


This unique phonebook program manages and keep track of all your contacts, adresses, phonenumbers, fax, e-mail addresses, info...! It's a very complete address book with many powerful functions and still very EASY TO USE! Has a autodial, security, inquiry, sort options, e-mail and web support, many print-options, print preview, Currency-calculator, calendar...

You can do mailmerge with MS-Word using your addresses stored in RGS-CardMaster! Export to Excel. This user friendly "phone book" has a low learning curve, but to call it just another "Phonebook" program would not do it right as it gives you the power of DBase but so much more easier that kids would manage it, and still, advanced options are there to please the power users! And yes, perhaps best of all, it's free!

Take a look at what this program features:

  • Easy to use and a very low learning curve
  • Visually pleasing User Interface
  • Unlimmited number of cards and databases
  • Easy browsing and locating contacts
  • Sort a database on each available item, name, city, country, mail etc.
  • E-Mail field which allows to mail them with your default mailer with one click
  • Store websites and visit them
  • Attached Info-field on each card
  • Print This Card Option in complete WYSIWYG!
  • Copy a Card to the clipboard or duplicate a card
  • Powerful Find-option

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RGS-CardMaster 6.3.3

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